Construction Films
    Adhesive Film for Aluminium Panels
    Co-extruded adhesive film used with aluminum composite panels for exterior cladding material in the construction industry. Large, rigid, flat yet highly formable, these panels are used in office complexes, shopping malls and other large constructions. Also known as sandwich panels
    Concrete Curing Film
    Polyethylene (PE) film for curing concrete; covering hydraulic cement concrete surfaces to prevent moisture loss, reducing concrete temperature from exposure to the sun and protecting against frost and heavy rain. Proper curing will lead to stronger concrete and the reduction of cracking, scaling or dusting
    Construction Film
    Multi-purpose, all-weather polyethylene (PE) construction film used for protection and storage of materials, personnel and construction equipment during outside or indoor construction and renovation. Versatile and economical films, they are placed under trucks to avoid muddy conditions
    HDPE Film
    Waterproof bituminous HDPE film in rolls for packing granular bitumen, solvents and coatings
    Insulation Films
    Multi-layer construction insulating films used for insulation applications of AC ducts, walls, windows, ceilings and roofs
    Pipe Wrap Sleeves
    Tubular polyethylene encasements (polywrap) for wrapping pipelines including cast iron pipes, ductile iron pipes and fittings, copper pipes, steel pipes and plastic pipes
    Under Slab Vapor Barrier
    Polyethylene film vapor retarder placed underneath concrete slabs to protect against moisture and soil gas diffusion. Strong and puncture resistant
    Warning Tapes
    Non-adhesive barricade tapes to prevent accidents on construction sites by increasing visibility of hazards; detectable warning and non-detectable tapes for construction zones for alerting excavation crews about hazard, underground cables and pipes
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