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Plastic & Composite Films
    CPP Lamination Film
    Cast polypropylene (CPP) films for lamination, laminated to other films such as BOPP and PET to provide excellent mechanical and optical properties for industrial applications
    PE Film for Printing
    Co-extruded PE unprinted film in up to 5 layers suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging with 100% virgin FDA-approved PE
    PE Lamination Film
    Co-extruded PE laminating film in up to 5 layers with one-side treated for wet and dry lamination. Used for sheets, rolls and pouches for cold or thermal applications. Also known as sealing films
    PE Printed Protective Film
    Wide printed protective polyethylene film for covering wood, carpets, mattresses and other heavy objects
    PE Release Film
    Protective release film used during the rubber curing process for tyres, retreads, rubber sheeting, patches and linings. Easy & clean release films with high-heat resistance
    PE Valve Bags
    One or two-ply plastic valve bags for industrial flakes, granules, pastes, powders and additives
    Pillow Bags
    Clear and transparent printed bag for pillow manufacturing packing
    Semi-Finished Aluminum Film
    Aluminium film with a variety of thicknesses with primer and heat-seal lacquer for converting into industrial packaging
    Semi-Finished Laminates
    Multi-layer laminates for plastic converters
    Shrink Film
    Clear or printed shrink wrap film and shrink hood rolls with excellent shrinking ratio to ensure product stability during frequent transport and product protection against shock and sun radiation
    Stretch Film
    Machine stretch film, manual stretch film, pallet covers, stretch hood films and power pre-stretch films; transparent or color co-extruded film for quality wrapping
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